Welcome to the Official Website of VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group

Our Group  is a non-profit DX Group specialized for CB Radio DX enthousiasts of 11m band (27Mhz)

Formed October 31st 2012 by his Founder 18VOG001 Mr JIM in GREECE. This DX Group is formed by experienced & qualified operators.

Our Philoshophy:

  • "NEGATIVE CONTRIBUTION" - We do not accept contributions (US $ , Euros or IRCs) for our VOG Radio activities
  • "NEGATIVE SPONSORS" - We do not need Sponsors for activating our VOG Radio activities (DXPeditions , I.O.T.A.s or S.E.S)
  • "ORIGINAL RADIO ACTIVITIES" - We do organize all our Radio activities (DX-Peditions , I.O.T.A.s or S.E.S) by publishing only Valid Proofs

Generally in our DX Group , we do a hobby and not a business...This is what makes a difference to the VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group.


We offer everything for Free in our DX Group (Free & Lifetime membership & Free QSL Management by "Negative Contribution") but we need only active VOG members (not "Ghost members" who will be present only when they listen other VOG members). For that reason in our DX Group we accept only active members who will use only their VOG call signs otherwise will be deleted automatically "without Warning" by our DX Group.We need quality with active members and not quantity! That's the reason of our small number of members because we prefer just to be few but active members. If you like the ideas and thoughts about VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group, then feel free to apply for "FREE Lifetime membership".

Thanks for visiting our Official Website

18VOG001 Mr JIM
Founder of the VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group